Thursday Night – Leaving for Jamat (path of Allah) on a Thursday

Leaving for Jamat (path of Allah) on a Thursday

Narrated Ka’b ibne Malik (R.A) that Prophet (S.A.W) left for the conquest of Tabuk on a Thursday and he was very fond of leaving (going in the path of Allah) on Thursday s.
(Bukhari, Mishkat)

To attend the lecture on Thursday

Narrated Shaqeeq (R.A) that Abdullah bin Masud (R.A) used to give a speech every Thursday. A man (came to him) and said “Oh Abu Abd Rahman, I would love it if you were to give us a sermon every day”. (Ibne Masud (R.A)) said, “I would do so but what stops me from that is that I am afraid that I would tire you, and indeed I want to take care of you just as Prophet (S.A.W) took care of us so that we may not get bored. (He abstained from pestering us with religious talk and knowledge all the time)

Regularly attending the speech on Thursday


Abr bin Maemoon (R.A) once narrated that I always went to the gathering of Ibne Masood (R.A) on Thursdays never missed a day. (Every time I went) I never heard him say (Arabic) “Prophet (S.A.W) said”. It was only once that he said, “Prophet (S.A.W) said” then he bowed his head (looked down)- (Amr bin Maemoon (R.A)) said, then I saw that he was standing (his buttons were opened), eyes ready to shed tears, the veins on his neck had become swollen, and he was saying, “either less than this or more than this or close to this or like it”