The gatherings and conferences bayaan after the other- bayaan after every salah

Abu Zaid (R.A) narrated “The messenger of Allah (S.A.W) led us in fajr prayer, thereafter he ascended the pulpit (the minbar) and gave us a sermon until the time for zuhur salah set in – he then descended (from the pulpit) and prayed (zuhur salah). (After performing zuhur) he once again ascended the pulpit and gave a sermon till Asr salah, he then descended he pulpit and gave us a sermon until sunset and he informed us of everything (pertaining to turmoil) that lay hidden in the past and what lies in the future and he most learned amongst us is one who remembers them well.
(Sahih Al –Muslim)
As we can see from this hadith of Rasulullah (S.A.W) that after every salah he addressed the sahaba (R.A)
• In tablighee (gathering istimaas) the same style is implemented, that after every salah a bayaan is given (even after fajr salah)
• Wasn’t itthe manhaj (way) of Sahaba (R.A), a touch into their glorious lives.