Sending Jamats in the path of Allah to focus on the Muslims- Sending them for the Muslims

Qurdha Ibne Ka’b (R.A) narrated, Umar (R.A) sent (our jamat) us towards kufa, he came to bid us farewell all the way till a place called Irar (upon reaching Sirar) he said, “Do you know why I accompanied you?” (Because some of them were Shaba, the narrator Ibne Ka’b himself and some were Ansar). Umar (R.A) replied “Yes but accompanied you to inform you of a certain hadith so that you preserve it and abide by it.” “Indeed you are proceeding towards a nation, the zeal of the Quran in their hearts boils like boiling of a cauldron (pot), and when they first set their eyes in you they will stretch out their necks (showing their upmost respect) towards you, saying, “companions of Muhammad (S.A.W)”. (Because you have accompanied Prophet (S.A.W) they will desire to have many Ahadith from you) (So my (Umar (R.A) advise to you is), that you narrate very few Ahadith from the messenger of Allah (S.A.W) (if you abide by this) then I will be your associate.

• Qurdha Ibne Ka’b (R.A) “the narrator” of this incident was one of the companions of Prophet (S.A.W) and also participated in the conquest of Iraq.
• Umar (R.A) in his caliphate sent many jamats to Muslim lands to teach the Quran and Islam etc…
• In this day and age Tableeghi Jamats are sent to countries throughout the world, some openly and some secretly. In many European countries, where ‘Muslims’ live in their minorities, the Muslims sadly do not even have an idea of the Kalimah, some have not even seen their local mosques for over 30 years, you meet some who don’t even know their religion, but still walk about with the names Abdur-Rahman, Abdur-Raheem and Muhammad. Many have become atheists, there are many who have accepted Christianity, after falling prey to Christian missionaries and there are many upon meeting them they turn away saying “our grandparents were Muslims and they were fools we no longer want to hear anything about Islam.”
• Umar (R.A) sent jamats to those Muslims who had an unquestionable thirst and whole hearted zeal in Islam and he sent jamats to them excessively. Then I just wonder if Umar (R.A) was here to see the sad state of our Muslim brothers Imaan today how many jamats would he send towards them, to teach them imaan? (this effort is the effort of imaan and yaqeen)
• If Rasulullah (S.A.W) was to come down and see the situations of the Muslims WORLDWIDE what would we do? What would be his manhaj- he would not enforce Islam upon them rather he would begin working on the hearts of the Muslims just as he did in Makkah before migrating to Madinah.
• Surahs revealed in Makkah all portray the greatness of Allah, Imaan etc…
• What a coincidence that the effort of Imaan restarts in 1923 just before the Khilafa comes to an end. (although they plan Allah also plans and Allah is the best of all planners)
• The Tablighi jamat also approaches practicing Muslims to make them realise their responsibilities- e.g. there are 5 billion humans on earth and 1 billion of them are Muslims, now if ever Muslim was to revert 4 Non-Muslims this would cause a revolution but this will take place when the Muslims realise this fact and comprehend that every Muslim is a Da’ee (caller towards Allah)
• And to bring this realisation into every Muslim practicing, non practicing jamats are sent worldwide to the Muslims.
(and Allah Ta’la knows best)