Listening To Qur’an on Tech Devices – Hadhratji ML Sa’ad DB

It seems as though that after Ramadhan Qur’an will be left in the same way fasting is left, the rationale being that khatam has taken place. The reality is Qur’an is not something that’s finished. In relation to Qur’an it is said: “Finish & restart.”

Qur’an has been linked with Ramadhan so that we become so habituated with reciting it that after Ramadhan too it remains our practice. It is common that Huffaz are only concerned about Qur’an in Ramadhan &, in addition, there is little practice of looking in the Qur’an & reciting. This carries more reward. By looking in the Qur’an & reciting, the eyes are saved at looking from futile things. By reciting audibly the ears are saved from listening to vain talk. By doing this, the dhikr of the tongue, eyes & ears will take place.

The Qur’an should be completed in one week, hence the division in to manzils.

Today people listen to Qur’an on mobile phones, which is incomparable to the benefit of listening physically in person. If the Qur’an were to be revealed on a mountain, it’s weight would be such that the mountain would be reduced to particulates.

Today however the Qur’an is placed in locations it shouldn’t be.

When recording was novel, people secretly left Markaz to go listen to a recording of Qari Abdul Basit. Maulana Yusuf (RA) the Ameer of that time found out & punished all those that went to listen to the recording by making them perform murga. He said: “How is it that you had the audacity to listen to the Qur’an on a machine made by the Jews & Christians? The fact that you did this means the reverence of Qur’an has left your hearts. That Qur’an that was revealed on the blessed being Nabi (SAW), why did you go listen to it on a machine? The Qur’an will only affect your heart if it is dealt with in accordance with the Sunnah.”

Nabi (SAW) told Ubay bin K’ab (RA) to recite Qur’an to him, saying Allah has instructed. Ubay bin K’ab (RA) recited to Nabi (SAW) & when reached a particular verse Nabi (SAW) cried profusely. Sahabah reprimanded him saying: “Can you not see the effect that this is having on the Nabi?”

This effect had been lost today because Ilm & Qur’an has seen the beautification of devices.

One person came to me (Maulana Sa’d) & said that there is effect of Jinn in my house and everybody is under the influence of sihr. I told him to regularly recite Ayatul Kursi. He returned after a while saying conditions had worsened. It came to my attention that nobody in the house was in fact reciting Ayatul Kursi. They just played it on a tape. If this is not ignorance, then what is? And people thing this is progression. In fact, it’s regression. Not only that instead of seeking what constitutes obedience to Sunnah, they instead seek fatwa of permissibility. Nowadays permissibility is sought for everything so that we can be liberated. Hadhrat Umar (RA) would say that those that act in accordance with their opinion they are the enemies of Sunnah. Whatever action is contrary to Sunnah will be customary and therefore ineffective.

The real potency of reminder is dependent on one Muslim being in the presence of another. Today, however, reminder & Taleem is all on tech devices.

Hadhrat Umar (RA) told Abu Salamah (RA) to remind him of Allah so he began reciting Qur’an in a beautiful voice until Fajr Adhan was given. Today we are looking at the clock thinking when will it finish.

Whenever Hadhrat Umar (RA) entered the house he would pick up the Qur’an and look at the words and recite.

A Sahabi mentions that if your hearts were pure, you would never tire of reciting Qur’an and it is despicable for me that a day should pass and I do not open Qur’an and recite it