Da’wah Tarteeb – 40 days ever year – 3days ever month -2 ½ hours daily- for calling upon good and refraining from evil.

Abu Huraira (R.A) narrated, “Prophet (S.A.W) said (in the presence of the Sahaba) ou live in such an era that whoever from amongst you abandons one tenth (10%) of what has been ordained shall be destroyed. Then shall come an era that whoever from amongst them acts upon one tenth (10%) of what has been ordained shall be successful.
In the hadith mentioned above the text ( arabic ) meaning “what has been ordained” according to the research of Mulla Ali Qari (R.A) the author of Mirqaatand the author of Tuhfatul Ahwazi (commentary of Tirmizi) is referring to ( Arabic) “commanding of good and refraining from evil”
(Mirqat, Tuhfatul Ahwazi)

Da’wah Table
Yearly effort 365 days 10% 36.5 days (rounding off 40 days)
Monthly effort 30 days 10% 03 days
Daily effort 24 hours 10% 2 hours 24 minutes (rounding 2 ½ hours)

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As we can see from the Da’wah table above that spending 40 days a year, 3 days every month and 2 ½ hours daily “atleast” we will be successful.
As the Prophet (S.A.W) said:
“Whoever from amongst them acts upon one tenth (10%) of what has been ordained shall be successful”
Whoever spends 10% in Da’wah Allah rewards him 100%
Therefore spending 40 days = reward of spending over a year
Spending 3 days a month = reward of 30 days
Spending 2 ½ hours daily = reward of 24 hours
“Your actions are multiplied by 10”


Whoever brings a good act will receive ten times as much (in reward and even more). (On the other hand), whoever carries out a sin will be punished only as much (as the extent of the sin) and will not be oppressed (the punishment for any sin will not be multiplied)
Any good deed will be multiplied by 10 times, imagine the reward of those who call towards good deeds.
(Al- Quran Surah Al-An’am, Verse 160)